Many arms and many minds have allowed Cantina Frentana to be what it is. What we now know as Banca dei vigneti (Vineyards bank) was created from many years of shared knowledge: it’s an extraordinary resource thanks to which the cellar directly manages part of the vineyards, using organic techniques, in view of converting the whole production to organic cultivation with the passing of time. It’s a concrete commitment in defence of the greatest heritage of a cooperative company: those precious vineyards at risk of being abandoned because of the lack of generational turnover within farming families. Preserving the territory and the landscape, offering an occupational perspective to young people who want to stay in the countryside, but have little land at their disposal: Banca dei vigneti supports all of these activities.


Cantina Frentana wines are extraordinary products, which are the result of the special union of the industriousness of five hundred vine growers and the great generosity of a unique land. We have always believed in the value of native vine varieties and this aptitude has guaranteed a moderate penetration of other vine varieties, even in their period of greatest success on the market. Our choice goes beyond the natural bond to roots and traditions, as other vine varieties have rarely proven to be more remarkable and competitive than the local varieties, which have been acclimatized to our environment for centuries.

Among the native vine varieties, Montepulciano definitely stands out, as it has always been a reference point for red wines, whereas for white wines the scenario is much more varied : Trebbiano prevails, but also Cococciola and Pecorino are very popular and Passerina is gradually becoming more and more important.


The key element of the project remains undoubtedly the concept of waiting, that deep respect for time that is deep-rooted in our culture and that forces us to patiently wait for the ideal maturity of each prestigious wine. This is not a profitable industrial strategy such as technology shortcuts, but it is what consumers worldwide expect from our wines.