PALEOVITE D’ABRUZZO: a project for the preservation of the wild vine

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Cantina Frentana is engaged in a project of  biodiversity protection called “Paleovite d’Abruzzo”, focused on the preservation of the genetic heritage of the last Vitis sylvestris, the European wild vine, traced in the “Lecceta di Torino di Sangro” Natural Reserve. The discovery in Abruzzo of this rare ancestor of the cultivated vine is due to the naturalist Aurelio Manzi. The objectives of this project are to safeguard the extinction of the only one small population survived in Abruzzo, the recolonization in other areas and the study of the species in a small “growing area” that will perhaps allow to acquire new information useful for viticulture, or at least for its early history in this part of Italy. At the reproduction and the preservation of the species is actively working the Majella National Park through its center for the conservation of native germplasm.

Cantina Frentana will actively undertake the recolonization of wild vine within other natural areas, first of all the Sinello Valley (Bosco di Don Venanzio Regional  Reserve, who collaborate to the project along with the Lecceta di Torino di Sangro Reserve).

The project has been presented on Wednesday 10th September in the experiential room at the top of the unmistakable Wine Tower , “the lighthouse on the vineyards” of the frentana area, object of a recent functional recovery of great beauty and originality that has already received many rewards.

The meeting, attended by all the partners of the project, has been introduced by Professor Attilio Scienza, full professor of Viticulture at the University of Milan and greatest Italian scholar of the subject.

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