We search for absolute excellence through a careful selection of the vineyards and thanks to the hands that passionately take care of them. We work to enhance our extraordinary native vine varieties. This is the quality project launched at the beginning of the millennium by Cantina Frentana. This philosophy is based on ethics and sustainability, so people and their bond with the territory are essential: a total quality project involving nearly one hundred vineyards, using innovative, but environmentally friendly techniques, offering lifelong training and valuable help by expert agronomists. Finally, the choice of organic agriculture and the launching of projects for environment and biodiversity enhancing, such as “Paleovite d’Abruzzo” variety, in order to safeguard the genetic heritage of the last wild vines from Abruzzo discovered in Oasi of Laccetta in Torino di Sangro.



An heritage from the Abruzzi: most vineyards are located in Rocca San Giovanni area, from which excellent white still wines and spumanti are obtained. Cantina Frentana is the major producer of Cococciola worldwide, a pearl still largely unknown outside Abruzzo, but deserving important prospects. For this reason we pay special attention to the care and study of these grapes, with the scope of optimizing their wine-making potential.

In the past, in fact, Cococciola was especially used to blend other grapes thanks to its acid structure, which makes wines fresh and sparkling. Sensing the extraordinary potential of this product, Cantina Frentana chose instead to produce single-varietal wine, thanks to modern techniques this has meant enhancing its peculiar features.