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Production and winemaking

Autochthonous grape variety from central Italy, in particular Abruzzo, Lazio and Marche, has vigor and generous production. The bunch, sparse, is medium large, conical, with quite large berries, spherical, golden yellow, characterized by robust peel.
The full maturity of these grapes takes place in late September and this is the period in which they are collected. Vinification includes a soft pressing, and the skins are immediately separated from the must, as befits a white winemaking; fermentation and ageing takes place in stainless steel tanks, at a controlled temperature.

Characteristics of the wine

The wine is pale yellow, rather intense; it reveals pleasant smell, floral notes and hints of white peach. The taste is fresh, balanced with good acidity that clear the palate. The balance between flavor and scent closes long and persistent. It has to be served at 10-12 ° C. Good pairing with tasty seafood dishes such as shellfish, fried and roasted fish but also meats and matured cheeses.

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