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Production and wine making

Autochthonous grape variety from the Adriatic side of the central Apennines (Marche and Abruzzo). Balanced vigor and production. The bunch is medium-small size, cylindrical and elongated, with small, spherical, golden yellow grapes with a strong and thick skin. The must, obtained from a soft pressing, is fermented at a controlled low temperature.

Features of the wine

The wine as a medium intense straw yellow color. At the nose shows pleasant citrusy notes, honey, yellow peach and sometimes a typical beer scent. The taste shows a full-bodied, structured wine, balanced by a good acidity that refreshes the palate. Balance between taste and smell closes a long and persistent final. To be served at 10-12°. It can be paired with tasty fish dishes, such as roasted fish and shellfish, but also with white meat, medium-aged cheese, cured meat and first courses.

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