Production and wine making

The abundance of the soil, together with the nobility of montepulciano grape variety, allows to obtain this red wine fermented in stainless steel tanks. The color is intense ruby red, with purple nails. At the nose it shows scents of violet, cherry and ripen black cherry. The taste is rich, harmonious and full to the palate. It is well paired to roast, red meat, cured meat and cheeses. It has to be served at 18°C. Alcoholic graduation: 12,5% vol.

Features of the wine

Montepulciano 100%. After pressing and de-stemming, the fermentation is taken to 7-10 days, according to the age. Malolactic fermentation and aging are made in stainless steel tanks. Usually available at the consumption the summer after the harvest. The color is intense ruby red with purple nails when young. Scents of plum, summery red apple and violet. At the palate it shows a good structure and a full body, even if it is a wine of young and fresh nature. It is suggested to be drank within 2-3 years time. Alcoholic graduation: 13% vol. It has to be served at 16-17°C. It is a typical every-day wine, that is well paired to many dishes, such as legumes soups and pasta, red and white meat, and cheeses as well.

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