Production and wine making

Montepulciano 100%. This selection comes exclusively from selected vineyards in the best areas and followed throughout the year by the agronomists of the winery according to a strict protocol of cultivation. The vineyards are exposed plateau or in quadrants from west to south, on clayey soils rather deep and well drained thanks to the wealth of cobblestone. After de-stemming, fermentation on the skins is activated for about 10-15 days, then aged in oak barrels for at least 12 months and other six months.

Features of the wine

Very intense ruby red color, with aging it appears garnet; highlights smell remarkably complex, with aromas of black cherry, violet, vanilla and spicy notes. It is suggested to decant this wine half an hour before the service, especially if vintage, to allow the aromas to “open up.” Serve at 16-18° C. It goes perfectly with meat dishes of the Abruzzo’s cuisine, particularly the lamb, but also roast or braised veal and mature cheese.

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